About us

CII Institute of Quality is the leading authority in Quality Enhancement among organizations and industries. Over the past century, CII has provided Indian Industries with the support, systems and tools to make a mark in the competitive world. It is realized that the best way to enhance an organization’s competitiveness is through the quality route.

CII IQ is powered by the responsibility of enriching the lives of its members, improving their workplaces and making the world at a large, a better place by applying quality tools, techniques and systems. CII IQ provides the best of its kind training and consulting services to organizations to help improve their performance and set a standard of excellence.

CII and the EXIM Bank of India joined together in 1994, for promoting excellence among Indian Industry through the CII-EXIM Bank Award for Business Excellence. The Award is based on the internationally recognized EFQM Model. The Award was established to promote the awareness of excellence as an increasingly important element in competiveness. While ‘competiveness’ is a comparative concept of the ability and performance of a firm, industry sector or country to sell and supply goods/services in a given market, ‘excellence’ refers to the outstanding practices in managing the Organization and achieving results based on fundamental concepts. Organizations are measured by their ability to achieve and sustain outstanding results for their stakeholders.

Over the past 25 years, organizations from both private and public sector, large and small have institutionalized the business excellence concepts for a sustainable growth.

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