Bangalore Chapter

The Business Excellence Vertical (BE) of CII Institute of Quality has been promoting adoption of excellence among the Indian Industries through training, assessments and recognition as a business transformation methodology, ever since the inception of the CII EXIM Business Excellence Awards in 1994. Over the past 25 years, organizations from both private and public sector, large and small have institutionalized the business excellence concepts for a sustainable growth. To further evangelize “Business Excellence” and to reach out to many more organizations and sectors, we are now creating a platform for more personal interaction and engagement opportunities to discuss and deliberate the subject more frequently.  With this objective, CII IQ Business Excellence is launching `BE Chapters’ at various locations.

Key objectives of the BE Chapter
  • To create a community of Business Excellence Evangelists
  • To drive awareness on Business Excellence
  • To share successful practices with peers for them to learn and adapt
  • To engage in the initiatives that are mutually beneficial for the Chapter members.

BE Chapter – Bangalore : Members 2021

Mr. Gopal Subramanyam

Mr. K Balasubramani


Chapter Core Committee Members

  1. Sriram V
  2. Pavan Kumar
  3. Raghavendra
  4. Kiran Kumar
  5. P K Gopalakrishnan
  6. Sampath
  7. P Mujumdar
  8. Sivaguru S
  9. Viswanath Shenoy
  10. Aravind Srinivas
  11. Surya Prasad
  12. Kumar SVNK
  13. Chandrasesharan P
  14. Vinay Lokur
  15. Chakravarthy AS
  16. Vasudeva Ramaiah
  17. Sanjay Mahalingam
  18. Samir Palsule
  19. Srinivas Uppula
  20. Sunil Jajit
  21. MS Srinivasan
  22. Shashank N

Mr. PM Krishnan


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