Assessment options:

Initiating Excellence

Organizations initiating Business Excellence through a baseline assessment

Assessments can be scheduled on mutually convenient dates throughout the year


Process steps

A 2 day dip-stick assessment by two Assessors interacting with key personnel of the organization to understand their process and performance maturity.
This would involve a walkthrough of Business, Support and Management processes with the associated results based on excellence framework requirements. This category of assessment does not require any formal documentation.


  • Baseline score of organizational maturity on a 1000 point scale
  • Prioritized action plan and roadmap with milestones


CII will facilitate Organizations to progress on the suggested roadmap through hand holding visits, customized training through appropriate frameworks.

On completion of this phase, Organizations can progress to the Internalizing Phase. Initiators would generally take 12 – 15 months to move to the next phase.

Recognized for Adoption of Excellence @ CII Business Excellence Conclave

Internalizing Excellence

For Organizations on the journey of Excellence on any Framework

Assessments can be scheduled on mutually convenient dates throughout the year

Process steps

Assessors with rich industry experience will interact with all functions of the organization considering the Business Strategy and Operating Context, to identify key strengths and opportunities for improvement. There are two categories to opt as given below.

NOTE: These category of Assessments do not fall under the Award Scheme. However, Organizations will be felicitated based on the score obtained under the relevant category. Companies running their own internal assessments can also opt for recognitions when the assessments are administered by the CII IQ team. Assessment can be based on any Excellence framework


  • Action oriented Management Report
  • Way forward with Milestones
  • Criteria wise report of strengths and key opportunities for
    improvement aligned to Excellence Framework

To Apply Contact

P M Krishnan

Principal Counsellor
Business Excellence
+91 9632661888

M S Srinivasan

Senior Consultant
Business Excellence
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Sudha S

Deputy Director
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