CII Institute of Quality is organizing the 3rd BE Conclave with the theme ‘Disruptive Times – Strategies for Surviving and Thriving’


Pre-Summit Master Classes from 21-24 September:

  1. Biomimicry – innovation Inspired by nature
  2. Leadership Agility through Mindfulness – Managing Outside by Mastering Inside
  3. Applying Design Thinking for Business Advantage

The Master Classes are conducted by the Subject Experts, designed to help participants apply the concepts in their professional and personal life.

Invaluable for:

  • Senior leaders who are decision makers
  • Business leaders and Group leaders/managers
  • HR leaders
  • Customer facing Professionals
  • Innovators & want to be innovators
  • Project and Program managers
  • Domain Experts from R&D / Product Development


Innovation inspired by nature
0930 – 1330 hrs | 21st September 2021

Biomimicry is not learning about nature but learning from nature. This masterclass will help participants get started on their journey of biomimicry. Participants will be introduced to the essentials of biomimicry and the tools required to emulate nature’s time-tested strategies. In line with the theme of innovation, the masterclass will weave in related aspects of curiosity, imagination, and creative thinking to enable the participant to become a practitioner and start innovating with nature as model, measure and mentor.

Leadership Agility through mindfulness

Managing outside by mastering inside
0930 – 1330 hrs | 22nd September 2021

More complex the situation and people we must deal with, higher the inner mastery that we need. In today’s world, full of uncertainty and hope at the same time, the ability to stay calm, develop a clear vision for oneself and the organization, inspire and guide teams towards larger objectives is very critical to be an effective leader. We invite you for a session to explore mindfulness techniques that can be applied to your work or family contexts to become an even better, agile leader.

Applying Design Thinking

For Business Advantage
1000 – 1700 hrs | 23rd September 2021

In today’s growing complexity of digital technology and modern business, customers are increasingly choosing products and services based on the quality of the experiences they have with them. To help meet these challenges, an approach known as “Design Thinking” is playing a greater role in finding meaningful pathways – it is increasingly common in Lean Six Sigma processes and in organizational innovation initiatives.

3rd Business Excellence Conclave

Disruptive Times – Strategies for Surviving and Thriving 0930 – 1730 Hrs | 24th September 2021

Participants attending all the three Master Classes are eligible for a Complimentary invite to BE Conclave

21 & 22 September 2021

Rs. 4500/-

per participant / per Master Class

GST – 18% applicable

23rd September 2021

Rs. 6500/-

per participant / per Master Classes

GST – 18% applicable


10% discount any two Master Classes | 15% discount for three Master Classes

For registrations and nominations, Please contact

Sudha S 
+91 98864 93998

N Deep
+91 98453 53135
M S Srinivasan
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Krishnan P M
+91 96326 61888

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